Soft Tissue Procedures

At POS, in addition to surgery of the teeth and jaws, we are happy to carry out procedures involving the soft tissues of the mouth. A soft tissue procedure is one, which does not involve the teeth or bone. These include:

• Closure of oroantral (sinus) communications

• Frenectomies (division of tongue & lip ties)

• Pre-prosthetic surgery (oral soft tissue recontouring prior to wearing dentures)

• Excision/biopsy of non-urgent soft tissue lesions.

A biopsy or excision of a lesion is a procedure required to, either remove the whole lesion such as a small swelling or remove of a small piece of a larger lesion allowing us to investigate and diagnose the lesion.

The soft tissue removed will be sent to a laboratory where it is examined underneath a microscope. A report is then prepared, by the laboratory, regarding the nature of the lesion. We will discuss this report in full with yourself.

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