Dental Extractions

The extraction of teeth can range from very simple extractions to more complex surgical procedures. A tooth may need to be removed surgically if it is for example heavily decayed, broken, impacted or tilted. A surgical extraction may involve a cut into the gum around the tooth and sometimes the use of a surgical hand piece.

During extractions it is important to preserve bone wherever possible, particularly if implants are planned. In addition to a careful surgical technique, there are a number of ways we can do this:

Piezosurgery – this surgical unit aids the removal of teeth while minimising the impact on the supporting bone

Bone substitutes/membranes – these can be placed in/over the socket to encourage new bone formation

PRGF – these concentrated growth factors are created using a small sample of the patients own blood and have been shown to reduce swelling and discomfort and encourage healing

At POS we are able to use a combination of the above techniques in order to preserve bone and socket integrity when necessary.

Both of our surgeons are vastly experienced in removing teeth in a gentle manner with the minimum fuss.

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